Product Liability


Legal-Bay’s principals have been involved in product liability and mass tort litigations for 20 years.  Legal-Bay has funded countless product liability lawsuits and helped plaintiffs retain lawyers in cases where they didn’t have legal representation yet.  Legal-Bay’s knowledge of product liability lawsuits and funding ability makes them the best lawsuit loan company or lawsuit funding company in the industry. 

            Legal-Bay’s team studies each and every national litigation and usually leads the industry on which cases are to begin funding on.  When most companies are not funding product liability lawsuits, many times Legal-Bay is.  Product liability cases are complex and most of the large corporations defend them aggressively and for many years.  This makes settling of these type cases difficult and time consuming – lasting many years.  Nonetheless, Legal-Bay commits its capital to many plaintiffs in need of a cash advance assistance to pay bills, even when the road is still long or unknown. 

Product liability mass tort cases can come and go based on court rulings, recalls, and settlements.  You can always check in to Legal-Bay for a free evaluation of your specific lawsuit – or recall – and whether you need funding or legal assistance to pursue your claim.  Currently, Legal-Bay is reviewing many product liability cases with national law firms and for legal funding services. 

Here is a list of just some of the product liability mass tort cases that Legal-Bay’s team is monitoring:

IVC Filters

Hernia Mesh

Exactech Implant Recalls

Hips and Knee Implants

CPAP Recall

JUUL E-Cigarettes

J&J Talc Products

Round Up Weed Killer

Medical Devices

3M Ear Plugs


Just For Men Hair Products

Chemical Hair Straightener Products

Essure Birth Control IUD

Allergan Breast Implants

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