personal injury loan

What Can a Personal Injury Loan Do for Me?

If you are the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be frustrated with the lengthy legal process. Your case may have already dragged on for months, and it may seem as if it will do so indefinitely. It is quite normal for personal injury cases to take many months to resolve, sometimes even…

Car Accident Post Settlement Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Car Accident Lawsuit Loan Funding FAQs

You got in a motor vehicle accident. You weren’t at fault. You’ve decided to file a lawsuit. You are anticipating financial compensation upon final ruling of your case. Rather than wait out the endless months until your lawsuit makes it through the courts, you’ve chosen to explore pre-settlement funding. Legal-Bay is once again reaffirming their…

can I get a loan on my lawsuit?

Can I Get A Loan On My Lawsuit?

Maybe you were shopping at the supermarket when out of nowhere, you found yourself laid flat-out on a wet floor. Maybe you were injured at work. Maybe you were the victim of a botched surgery, or in a motor vehicle accident, or any number of incidents where you have suffered pain and injury through no…

lawsuit funding

How Do I Obtain Lawsuit Funding?

I Filed a Lawsuit But I Was Told My Case Could Take Years… Now What? If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, chances are good that you’re looking to receive monetary compensation. Whether you were the victim of personal injury, discrimination, a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice—you name it—you have made the decision to…