Settlement Loans For Hernia Mesh Malpractice: How Much You Can Expect?

More than one million Americans have hernia repairs each year, and the number of surgeons using mesh-based hernia repair has increased dramatically since the 1980s. And with this, hernia mesh complications are on the rise too.

So if you’re waiting on your hernia mesh malpractice case to settle, you’re not alone in feeling the financial strain. You need money now to pay for your expenses. Settlement loans can be the answer you need.

Are you wondering about settlement loans for a hernia mesh malpractice lawsuit? Keep reading this guide to learn about hernia mesh complications, lawsuits, and if settlement loans affect your numbers.

What Is Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is a surgical mesh that supports tissue around the hernia as they heal. A surgeon will place the mesh around the hernia area, fixing it with surgical glue or staples.

There are pores in the mesh that let the hernia tissue grow into it. Surgeons use hernia mesh in most hernia repair surgeries in the United States.

Hernia mesh improves recovery times, results and reduces the risk of the hernia coming back.

Hernia mesh comes in:

  • Patches that go over the damaged tissue
  • Plugs that fit inside a hole
  • Sheets cut to fit the hernia size

Mesh can also come in absorbable, non-absorbable, synthetic, coated, or animal materials.

Health Problems Linked to Hernia Mesh

Problems with hernia mesh complications can happen immediately after surgery or many years afterward.

Some complications after hernia mesh surgery can cause people severe pain, multiple revision surgeries, and even death. And unfortunately, the most severe hernia complications are also the most common.

Complications include:

Adhesions are when the mesh sticks to other organs and tissues.

Pain is a common complication. Pain can last for months and even years after surgery. The pain can also lead to inflammation and nerve damage.

A bowel obstruction happens when the mesh sticks to the intestines or moves around and blocks your bowels.

Infections occur from inflammation around the mesh. The mesh can fail, which causes the hernia to come back. Then you need surgery to fix it again.

Migration of the mesh can happen. Migration is when it moves around from the surgery site to other parts of the body.

Perforation of organs and tissues can happen, which means the mesh punctures holes in other body parts as it moves.

Pockets of fluid can build around the site and causes swelling and inflammation.

The hernia can return if the mesh fails. Recurrence of a hernia is one of the most common complications of hernia repair surgery.

Revision surgeries mean having one or more surgeries to remove and repair damaged mesh. A burning groin or testicular pain can happen due to the hernia mesh pinching nerves.

Delayed complications of pain, adhesions, and hernia recurrence can happen years after the initial surgery.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Hernia mesh lawsuits are filed by people claiming companies failed to make the hernia mesh, leading to severe injuries safely.

To be eligible to file a hernia mesh lawsuit, you need to:

  • Had your original hernia repair surgery after Jan 1, 2006
  • Suffered severe complications and injuries 30 days after surgery
  • Had hernia revision surgeries due to complications
  • Had additional surgeries
  • You’ve been told you need more surgery
  • You need surgery but can’t have it due to complications

The lawsuits seek compensation and damages for medical bills, lost wages, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering.

The lawsuits accuse these companies of designing a defective product, manufacturing faulty products, and failing to warn about mesh failure and complications.

Hernia Mesh Settlement Amounts

If you’re wondering how much I can recover from a hernia mesh lawsuit, you need to know many factors that can affect this amount.

So how do settlement amounts get calculated? Well, it first starts with determining the extent of the damage and loss you suffered. Just like any personal injury case, you have to prove the damages and financial loss you suffered.

Damages Considered in Hernia Mesh Cases

The first thing is the costs of your past and future medical care due to hernia mesh complications.

For example, if you had to get more surgery to fix problems from the first surgery, then you can include that here. Also included are costs from the emergency room or seeing any specialists due to hernia mesh problems.

Loss of income and reduced capacity to work and earn a living, along with pain and suffering are all damages you can receive compensation for. Pain and suffering also include emotional distress, anxiety, insomnia, and fear.

Court Award vs. Settlement Loans

Court cases can be delayed for so many reasons, and this means you have to wait longer for the court to decide on your settlement amount.

In the meantime, your bills are adding up, and some hernia mesh settlement cases can last up to three years!

Rent, mortgage, car loans, medical bills, food, and everything else start to add up quickly. For this reason, hernia mesh settlement loans are available while you wait for the courts.

Settlement loans are different from your traditional bank loans, and there is no credit check, no fees, no money out of your pocket, and no monthly payments.

Typically to qualify for pre-settlement funding, you need to:

  • You need a contingent-fee attorney
  • You have suffered severe injuries and complications from surgery
  • You have all the relevant documentation you need
  • Your settlement amount is estimated to be over $60,000

If you lose your case, you keep the loan amount and don’t have to pay back anything. Therefore a settlement loan does not affect the court award you receive.

Settlement Loans

Now that you understand more about hernia mesh lawsuits and how settlement loans work, it’s time to contact Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding.

You deserve help today for all the pain and suffering hernia mesh has caused you.

So make sure you contact us today and start turning your life around.


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