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What We Do
We provide the fastest pre-settlement lawsuit funding approvals in the industry. Less than 24 hours in some cases.
We provide the lowest pre settlement rates industry wide – and back that up with our Best Price Guarantee.
We provide the best lawsuit funding customer service experience in the legal funding industry, our team will work tirelessly to get you approved.
Legal-Bay is dedicated to our customers. Unlike other legal settlement funding companies, we have creative solutions to help get you approved for a lawsuit cash advance. This is not a lawsuit loan, or a pre-settlement loan. This is a non-recourse lawsuit settlement advance. You owe nothing if you lose your case. That’s right, our lawsuit settlement loans are no risk whatsoever to you!

Lawsuit Loans

How Lawsuit Funding Can Help You Today

Never settle for less. If the insurance company is forcing you to take an offer that is not fair value, then consider taking a pre-settlement funding with Legal-Bay. A pre settlement cash advance today can buy you the necessary time needed to pay your bills – and get a better settlement offer.

Here is a basic scenario: Insurance Company offers a plaintiff a $50,000 “low ball” offer today for their case… Plaintiff discusses with their attorney and decides to decline the offer, and obtain a $10,000 pre-settlement advance with Legal-Bay to pay bills. 5 month later, the Insurance Company offers plaintiff $100,000. The small cost to pay Legal-Bay produces an additional $50K in case value.

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All you need is a lawyer! Legal-Bay is the leading lawsuit settlement funding company providing cash advances in as little as 24 hours.

Free Case Evaluation

It costs you absolutely nothing to fill out our quick application and get the process started.

No Payments

There are no out of pocket or monthly payments paid by you directly throughout the entire process.

100% Risk Free

Thats right, you only pay us back if you win your case!

What types of claims are eligible for pre-settlement advances?

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. provides creative funding solutions to various legal and/or business transactions including same day accident loans such as pre settlement loans for auto accidents. Feel free to fill out our quick application (on the upper right of this page) for a free case evaluation to your specific lawsuit settlement loan needs. It costs you nothing to inquire.

All Motor Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Litigation

Construction Accidents


Employment Disputes/Wrongful Termination

Jones Act/Maritime Law

Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury/Negligence

Pharmaceutical/Bad Drugs

Police Brutality/Wrongful Imprisonment

Product Liability/Medical Devices

Premise Liability/Slip and Falls

Railroad Accidents – FELA

Sexual Abuse/Harassment

Surgical Funding/Medical Receivable Financing

Traumatic Brain Injury

Workers Compensation

Wrongful Death

Start your Free Case Evaluation Right now!

Our friendly sales agents are standing by right now to answer any of your funding questions.

Simply hit the application button to start the process on your own and a sales agent will contact you shortly.

Start your Free Case Evaluation Right now!

Our friendly sales agents are standing by right now to answer any of your funding questions.

Feel free to call our toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405

Or simply hit the application button to start the process on your own and a sales agent will contact you shortly.

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The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. (owned and operated by Legal-Bay LLC) was founded as a full service Legal Funding Company, specializing in the funding of every type of lawsuit and/or binding legal agreement.

Can you borrow against a lawsuit?

Yes, you can borrow money against a lawsuit with Legal Bay. If you’re looking for a lawsuit loan company that can get you the funds you need quickly, then you’re in the right place

Technically Not A Lawsuit Loan

Although many of our clients refer to our funding programs as lawsuit loans, legal funding loans, settlement loans, or pre-settlement loans; these are not loans or pre settlement loans of any kind. That is why Credit is not a factor. Not employed? No problem either. We don’t need to verify your employment to approve you, we only need to verify that you have a lawyer and a valid claim. That’s it to get you approved!

How Much Do Lawsuit Loans Cost?

Up front, our lawsuit loans cost you nothing. You never pay out of pocket fees. We provide you with a free case evaluation, which costs you nothing as well. You only repay your lawsuit settlement funding if you win your case – and your lawyer is the one responsible for paying this directly to us upon your settlement.

There will be a set fee at origination disclosed to you, and all charges after this will come out of your settlement. There is no financial risk in applying for, and our pre-settlement funding.

Does Credit Affect A Lawsuit Loan?

No it doesn’t. Credit checks are not a part of our approval process.

Do lawyers give advances on settlements? Can your lawyer give you a loan?

Lawyers do not give you your advance on a settlement, you get an advance on your settlement from a lawsuit funding company like Legal Bay.

Do I need an attorney to be eligible for a lawsuit loan?

Yes, an attorney is needed to obtain a lawsuit loan.

Prior Funding With Another Lawsuit Funding Company – And Been Denied For Same Day Pre Settlement Loans By Other Lawsuit Loan Companies?

Many lawsuit funding companies don’t take on clients that have received a prior funding with another lawsuit funding company. Legal-Bay is the leader in buying out prior funding’s that you may have received; and providing you with the additional cash advance you need. Legal-Bay can provide you with a potentially lower rate as well, which could potentially give you fresh cash in your pocket – while still having the same payback you currently have. Legal-Bay is one of the best legal funding companies in the industry, because they will provide you with a free case evaluation to determine if refinancing makes sense for you. Additionally, Legal-Bay takes almost every lawsuit type of case that has a valid chance of recovery, provided that you are represented by a lawyer. We can structure pre-settlement advances differently than most funding companies, while still ensuring that it is not a lawsuit loan regardless of the type of case you have.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“LSF Co. funded both my mom and I. In both cases, the agents were friendly and courteous to deal with and answered all of our questions and concerns.”

Candie S.
Orlando, FL

“The funding agents were extremely professional. They walked me through the funding process and followed through on everything that was needed between my attorney and I.”

Samuel N.
Las Vegas, NV

“LSF Co. made me feel not only like a client, but like a friend. They bent over backwards for me by continuing to fund my case several times as the insurance company continued to drag their feet.

Bernadette H.
Los Angeles, CA


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