Since railroad workers aren’t protected under the umbrella of standard workers’ comp laws, claims leveled against a rail company create an entirely different scenario. The FELA Act of 1908 was established just for this reason, as a way to provide financial relief for railroad workers seeking compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

If you are/were a railroad employee, you may have been injured because of negligence on the part of your supervisor, cutting corners on behalf of the rail company. Whoever is responsible for the faulty equipment or generally unsafe working conditions on the job owes you compensation for your injuries, and you’ve found your only recourse for remuneration is through filing a lawsuit. You deserve to get paid, but how much can you expect to receive? Essentially, damages in Railroad FELA cases are in line with personal injury settlement awards such as reimbursement for lost earnings, medical expenses, and physical/mental pain and suffering.

Personal Injury
Navigating the court process can take a long time, and Legal-Bay doesn’t think you should have to wait for the money you’re entitled to. That’s why our presettlement funding programs provide immediate cash in advance of a plaintiff’s anticipated monetary award. We have a knowledgeable staff that can evaluate complex FELA cases quickly in order to get your lawsuit loan approved.

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