Legal-Bay doesn’t just fund lawsuits. Yes, we are leaders in the presettlement funding space. But we also assist with multiple financial needs in a multitude of arenas, which means you don’t need to be embroiled in a lawsuit in order to cash in. One of these areas is life insurance buyouts.

If you’ve set up a life insurance policy, you probably did so to make sure your family will be taken care of after your gone. It’s an important step to ensure their financial future. However, as time passes, those monthly premiums might be hard to keep up with, or maybe you’ve decided that such an arrangement simply isn’t worth maintaining any longer.

This is where Legal-Bay can help. We offer life insurance buyouts so you can get your hands on your money now. You’ve paid into this policy all these years. You’ve accrued quite the balance. Wouldn’t it be a huge relief to actually see what that money can do for your family now while you’re still here rather than hope it all works out for them after you’re gone?

Legal-Bay has a knowledgeable staff of financial experts who are here to help you obtain peace of mind. There are no out-of-pocket costs whatsoever, so there’s really no risk involved.

We’d love to speak with you! Give us a call on our toll-free line so we can answer your questions: 866.792.0243

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