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Scottsdale, AZ – Mar. 7, 2011 – The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, Legal-Bay LLC, announced today that they have formally begun seeking office space within the California Commercial Real Estate Market for a further West Coast presence. Legal-Bay LLC already maintains “affiliate” office space in Arizona to assist with the lawsuit funding needs of its west coast clients. However, due to the substantial increase in Automobile, large Truck, and Personal Injury lawsuit cash advance funding to California residents –and their close ties to the many Personal Injury Law Firms in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco- Legal-Bay LLC now seeks to have permanent offices within the state.

In order to integrate this transition, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co., announced the implementation of a planned 24hour assistance hotline for all 50 U.S. States, as well as on their website: The first phase of this implementation will begin immediately with new office hours across all U.S. time zones.

CEO Dave Kole commented on the firm’s expansion plans, “we are committed to becoming a 24 hour Legal Funding firm. With our offices on both coasts, we are now able to handle all of our national client’s needs during the course of a normal business day. However, we look to further solidify our valuable attorney relationships and grow our large client settlement funding business to the adequate needs of the many California accident victims seeking a lawsuit cash advance on pending lawsuit. Even though we are months away from opening up a California Corporate Office, we believe our planned 24 hour hotline –and new office hour’s schedule- will be more than sufficient to handle the needs of all of our west coast residents starting today. Additionally, our new hotline will be able to accommodate plaintiffs during “after hours” in all U.S. States, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and even Alaska and Hawaii.”

Plaintiffs in need of cash advance on pending lawsuit can now call the new “toll free” hotline at 866.792.0234 from the hours of 6am East Coast time and 9pm West Coast time to speak to a live funding agent.

Legal-Bay LLC
David Kole, CEO
Ph. 866.792.0234

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