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Fairfield, NJ – Jan. 3, 2011 – Legal-Bay LLC., The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co., announced today that it has implemented its new legal funding web-site, .  Additionally, Legal-Bay LLC. is now in the process of designing the first ever “Legal Funding Exchange” Portal site where investors/underwriters and plaintiffs seeking a cash advance on pending lawsuit can transact business directly with one another.  Legal-Bay LLC., believes the new site: will be an opportunity to bring lawsuit funding to the mainstream for both plaintiffs and potential investors by allowing a “public sale” or “auction type” forum.  Specific design plans and regulatory issues are still being worked out.  The company does not plan to have the “portal site” fully operational until mid to late 2011.

Legal-Bay’s CEO, David Kole, commented on both developments, “we are excited to start 2011 off with not only a brand new web-site for our customers; but our plans for the future to bring the first ever Legal Funding Exchange portal to the industry will be a tremendous positive for both sides of the marketplace.  We believe the new site will bring not only liquidity, but credibility to our industry.  And will allow both investors/underwriters and plaintiffs more transaction options at their finger tips – all in online forum.  We don’t believe there is one recognizable Legal Funding Exchange that provides this to the industry to date.  It is our hope that our newly planned site: will change that.”

In the meantime, Legal-Bay LLC., through its traditional web-site: offers loans on settlements in as little as 48 hours on all cases, including but not limited to auto accidents, pharmaceutical cases; such as Avandia, Medical Malpractice, and any other personal injury or general negligence cases.

About Legal-Bay LLC:
Legal-Bay LLC, is a full-service legal funding firm that provides plaintiffs who are in need of cash today a cash advance on pending lawsuit before the case settles. To find out more about Legal-Bay LLC and the services they provide log on to or call them directly at the contact information below.

David Kole, CEO
Legal-Bay LLC.
124 Fairfield Rd., 1st Floor
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Ph. 866.792.0234

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