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Legal-Bay is one of the few pre settlement funding companies in the legal funding industry that commits a serious focus to funding large and complex commercial litigation cases.  Even if you have been denied by other pre settlement funding companies, don’t be discouraged to contact us to see if we can assist you, as this is an area that we truly specialize in.  Our team of attorneys and large institutional investors know how to evaluate complex business or commercial cases and complete due diligence in a reasonable amount of time – in hopes of granting the plaintiff the needed funding approval!


Although we consider all commercial cases, the following cases are ones in which we put our strongest focus on:


    • Verdict or Judgment on Appeal Cases


    • Quit Tam or Whistle Blower Lawsuits


    • Breach of Contract Cases


    • Security Fraud or Stock Arbitration Cases


    • Patent or Copy Right Infringement


    • Intellectual Property Disputes


    • Anti-Trust Lawsuits


    • Wrongful Termination Cases


    • Legal Malpractice Disputes


    • Accounting Malpractice Disputes


    • Franchise Protection Cases


    • Real Estate Disputes


    • Banking Dispute Cases


    • Royalty Payment Disputes


    • Estate or Trust Disputes


    • Construction Disputes


    • Environmental Dispute


Whether you are looking for $10,000.00 or up to US $10MM, Legal-Bay can assist you with getting the capital or lawsuit cash advance you need to see the case through to final settlement payment.  Feel free to fill out an application on the upper left hand portion of this page or by calling our toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405, and request to speak to a commercial litigation representative.

To apply for a lawsuit cash advance on your wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuit feel free to apply in the upper left hand side of this page and an agent will call you shortly. Or to speak with a live agent right now, call 877.571.0405. Don’t wait, call now!