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Legal-Bay Funding ProcessThe Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. provides an easy "3 step" funding process, in order for you to receive your funds quickly.

Step 1

Fill out the online application to your left and one of our representatives will promptly call you to get more information regarding your case.

Step 2

With your approval, we will then send a request for documentation to your lawyer in order to begin a thorough case evaluation. (There is no charge for the case evaluation.) Once the proper case documentation is provided by your lawyer, we will then submit your case to our underwriting department. Within 48 Hours we will have a precise funding amount that we will be able to advance to you.

Step 3

Once mutually approved by our underwriting department and you, we will then draw up a "funding contract" that will need to be signed by both you and your attorney. Once the funding contract is fully executed by you and your attorney -and sent back to us- your funds will then be promptly sent out that day.

Type of Cases Eligible for Legal Funding

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. provides creative funding solutions to various legal and/or business transactions. Feel free to fill out our quick application (on the upper left of this page) for a free case evaluation to your specific funding need. It costs you nothing to inquire.

Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Consumer Disclosures:
1. The minimum payback period is 6 months – We do not invest in cases with payback periods of less than 6 months. Our maximum APR on a 6 month lawsuit settlement funding payback, including all fees, is 29% annually.
2. The maximum payback period is 36 months – We do not charge usage fees past 3 years, which means you will not be charged any additional money past 36 months. However, if your case does not settle within 36 months you are not obliged to repay us until it officially does. Our maximum APR on a 36 month lawsuit settlement funding payback, including all fees, is 25% annually.
3. Example of cost of funding, including all fees, and final payback on a lawsuit settlement funding:

Our Minimum Funding Amount to Client:
Attorney Review Fee:
Total Funding Principal and Fees:

06 Month Minimum Payback:
12 Month Payback:
24 Month Payback:
36 Month Maximum Payback:



The 36 Month Payback is the most you will repay on your funding, however final payment is not required until your case officially settles.

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