Stryker, Wright, or BioMet Hip Lawsuit Funding

Settlement Funding for hip DePuy recallLegal-Bay is an industry leader in product liability lawsuit settlement funding. It has accepted hundreds of applications on defective hip products on recall – or cases that Legal-Bay believes will be recalled in months to come. Stryker, Wright, and Biomet are three Hip Implant manufacturer’s that Legal-Bay is actively funding for their clients.

Stryker Hip Recall

Stryker issued a recall in July 2012 on two of their “metal on metal” devices: The Stryker Rejuvenate and the ABG II modular-neck hip stems. Legal-Bay is now also funding Stryker's Accolade hip model. The products are known to cause toxic debris to enter into the bloodstream and cause numerous side effects. The side effects include, but are not limited to: inflammation, swelling, tissue damage, and metal blood poisoning. Patients that have experienced some or all of the above symptoms are typically advised by their medical advisors to get a revision surgery to remove the defective device. Revisions surgeries can be very painful and are the potential subject of large damages to be paid by the Hip Manufacturer.

There are approximately 20K Stryker Hip Devices that are subject to the recall in the U.S. alone. Initial studies showed that the Stryker Hips that were recalled were defaulting at a rate of approximately 15%, which is higher than the industry standard. However, Legal-Bay -a plaintiff advocate firm for Mass Tort cases- has been told by sources involved in the litigation that new reports on the Stryker ABG II, Accolade, and Rejuvenate Hips could become defective in up to 50% of the implants in 5 years. This alarming rate could result in over 5K Stryker lawsuits to be filed before the litigation is concluded. Legal-Bay believes that defective Stryker Hips causing Metallosis, and leading to a revision surgery could result in a possible $500K settlement for the individual.

If you have an active lawsuit involving a Stryker Hip Implant listed above and would like to obtain up to $50K in funding on your case today, fill out the application on the upper left of this page and an experienced Hip Funding Agent will call you promptly to discuss your case. If you prefer, you may call Legal-Bay’s toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405 where live agents are always available.

Need to Retain a Stryker Hip Lawfirm?

If you do not have a lawyer yet, but believe you may have a valid lawsuit claim against Stryker, Legal-Bay can also assist you with obtaining a free consultation with a top Mass Tort firm that is active in the Stryker Litigation. Simply fill out the application above or call Legal-Bay’s toll free number at: 877.571.0405. Time to file a claim is limited, so it is important to act quickly.

Wright Profemur Hip Replacement Documents Subject to Subpoena Request by U.S. Attorney’s Office

Wright Profemur Hip Replacement devices are under scrutiny by the Western District of Tennessee’s Attorney Office due to concerns regarding complications associated with the Wright Profemur modular-neck systems. Legal-Bay believes due to the recent recalls of the DePuy and Stryker Hip implants the subpoena request will lead to many lawsuits being filed against Wright, and possibly a recall down the road. The Wright system has had an 11% failure rate in just 3 years according to an Australian National Report.

Although the data is rather new, Legal-Bay is one of the few funding companies already accepting applications on the Wright Profemur and Wright Conserve Hip implant products. If you are interesting in receiving a cash advance today on your lawsuit or would like a free consultation to determine if you have a valid lawsuit claim against Wright, fill out the application on the upper left on this page or call Legal-Bay’s toll free hotline at 877.571.0405 where an experienced Hip Funding Agent can answer all of your questions and/or refer you to a top Mass Tort Litigation Law Firm.

Biomet Reaches $56MM Settlement over Faulty Hips, According to Reuters News

In 2014 Reuters News reported a $56MM Settlement to its Biomet M2a 38 or M2a Magnum hip replacement system. The settlement resulted in an average settlement amount of approximately $200K per hip case with revision surgery. If you are in need of pre-settlement lawsuit funding on your Biomet Case or need to speak to a Biomet law firm in order to be eligible for the above settlement award; feel free to contact Legal-Bay directly by filling out the application on the upper left of this page or calling Legal-Bay’s toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405.

What if you don't have a lawyer yet?

The good news is: it is NOT too late to file a Stryker, Wright, or Biomet Hip Implant lawsuit claim yet. However, since the serious side effects and settlements made have now been public, the time to file a claim is ticking. Legal-Bay strongly advises you to immediately speak to a lawyer to ascertain if you have a claim. Due to our direct relationship with many top Stryker and Wright law firms, Legal-Bay would be more than happy to refer you to a national Stryker or Wright Law Firm. The free consultation will cost you nothing and if they decide to take your case, the lawyer will only be paid if you win. If you are interested in speaking to a Legal-Bay representative about obtaining a Stryker, Wright, and BioMet lawyer, feel free to fill out the application on the upper left of this page or call Legal-Bay directly at: 877.571.0405.

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