Top 10 Ways a Cash Advance Might Come in Handy for Your Lawsuit

The average attorney fee is between $200 and $600 per hour.

Don’t you already have a financial burden when you are facing time off work and major medical bills from a personal injury?

The answer is a resounding yes but that doesn’t deter an accomplished attorney from quoting you at several hundred per hour. With all of these costs comes the benefit of a cash advance to keep your day-to-day covered. We are here to explain why a cash advance online is the answer to money distress.

Keep reading below for our take on why a cash advance is useful in any lawsuit.

1. Cover Missed Income

Many lawsuits keep you away from work for several reasons:

  1. You may have to leave work for extensive periods for legal hearings
  2. You may be too injured to work
  3. Your partner loses work to care for you or look after your family

Legal expenses, medical bills, and more add up when it comes to lawsuits. Yet you may be finding it difficult or impossible to work. That missed income has a solution with a cash advance.

2. Help With Medical Expenses

The cost of hospital stays and prescriptions can derail a budget and even lead to bankruptcy. Medical expenses are the most expensive thing to deal with when it comes to personal injury cases. Add that to attorney costs and you are in a world of financial stress.

This is why a cash advance is particularly handy when dealing with a lawsuit. The cash helps to cover medical expenses so you can focus your money efforts elsewhere.

You now have a way to ensure a doctor’s bill isn’t the reason for financial ruin.

3. Life Modifications and Corresponding Expenses

Many civil cases are involved with personal injury lawsuits when someone has faced harm because of another’s negligence. Yet, an injury could make for more than doctor bills or hospital stays.

Severe injuries mean you need to make modifications to live in comfort while you heal.

Your home may not have wheelchair ramps for easy access. Your car may be too high to enter and exit with crutches. A place of work may be in an inaccessible location.

A cash advance covers the expenses needed to modify your home and produce a higher quality of life in injury. You won’t be blindsided by these costs but ready to make changes with financial stability.

4. Day-to-Day Expenses

Life doesn’t stop because you’ve been involved in a slip and fall, medical malpractice, or another unfortunate scenario. A great way to meet the day-to-day demands is through advance cash.

Many individuals who apply through cash advance apps use the money to cover things like:

  • Home or rent payments
  • Utility bills
  • Transportation costs
  • Tuition
  • Groceries

A cash advance keeps you in steady, financial shape even if medical bills or attorney fees add up. You can keep the day-to-day covered and create a plan for recovery without the worry of the utilities going out.

5. Hiring a Strong Attorney

In 2019 alone, personal injury cases increased by 36%. This crowded space means you need a strong attorney to ensure your case is ruled in your favor.

A cash advance allows you to hire a strong attorney as you can keep yourself out of financial ruin. The advance can pay any upfront costs from the lawyer or put you in a more economically stable place to not fear a high attorney fee.

6. Rising Legal Fees

Most lawyers charge for each hour spent on your case with more experienced lawyers charging more. On average, you can expect lawyers to charge $200 to $600 per hour to work on your case. That is a steep fee for someone already strapped because of lost income.

A cash advance helps to cover some of the legal costs that accumulate from the beginning of your case.

Lawyers often accept contingency fees as payment, paid by the client only if they win the case. These fees can be anywhere from 30% to 40% of the recovery settlement. However, you will still face court filing fees and other costs that need to be paid on time, and this is where a cash advance comes in handy.

7. Cash Advance Beats Out a Loan

Many people think a cash advance is a traditional loan, making it subject to long reviews and personal credit impact. However, though similar, cash advances are not loans nor are they treated as such by the reviewing party.

A cash advance is only paid back if you win your case, making it a risk-free option.

You should view cash advances as a great option to recover from damages and focus on healing. It is a way to relieve financial pressure and ensure you can make your monthly bills, look after your family, and make up for lost income. Without the economic burdens of a loan, a cash advance makes returning to life simple.

8. Low Credit Score

One of the best things about a cash advance not being a traditional loan is simple: you don’t need to think twice about a low credit score.

Cash advance apps review an ask based on the strength of the case and estimated settlement value. Your credit score means nothing when it comes to this type of reviewal process. Even if you have a poor credit score, you can receive immediate advance cash to cover expenses.

9. Quick Turnarounds with a Cash Advance

A financial lack adds more stress to an already stressful time going through a lawsuit. Not knowing when your savings may run out keeps you constantly on edge.

The great thing about a cash advance is the speed at which you can receive it. A quick turnaround makes advance cash appear seamlessly in your pocket over other, traditional funding sources.

Inform your attorney if you’re seeking a cash advance to aid in a more immediate process.

10. Life Disruptions

You may be experiencing a lost job or hours spent in medical offices in a personal injury case. Even families experience the disruption of life not easily lived during a legal battle.

You deserve steadiness after an unexpected derailing, and a cash advance can ease you back into your daily routines. Receiving a cash advance online speeds this up by creating a more accessible process.

Obtain Advance Cash When You Need It

Your day-to-day becomes more difficult when facing a lawsuit, whether that’s from physical injury or emotional upheaval. But you can find comfort in knowing there are opportunities to get back on track.

A cash advance is the easiest way to create a financial safety net and focus on recovery. Our lawsuit settlement loan application will have you headed in a positive direction in only seconds.


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