Almost all cases in which there is “general negligence” that can result in a financial reward to you (the plaintiff) are eligible for “advance funding”. A list of some of the specific cases that we fund can be found in “Type of Cases” (located on our home page) or by filling out the application form on the Apply Now page, one of our experienced agents can review your case directly.

Yes, we fund Workers Compensation Claims cases in many states. However, some states are NOT eligible for funding. Please inquire with us directly by filling out the application form on the Apply Now page.

The ” non-recourse advance” is NOT a loan, it is only required to be paid back if your case is successful. Therefore, (via our agents), takes an equity partnership stake in your case, which will only be rewarded when you are.

There are NO “actual” out of pocket or monthly payments for you to make. You will be charged fees at origination and your “advance” will accrue monthly charges, however all of these charges will be repaid out of your settlement. Therefore, you will never come “out of pocket” through this process.

To get a detailed version of the process, click here. Simply put, once you and your attorney provide us with needed information, then our underwriters evaluate your case and within 24-48 hours you can have cash wired to your account.

Many courts have given positive legal opinions and comments as to the legality and valuable service the industry provides to plaintiffs. The simple fact that the Legal Funding Industry provides a viable and available option to a plaintiff creates a “free market” system in which the “consumer” has options at its discretion.

Each plaintiff’s costs and expenses can be different. Based on the risk associated with the “non-recourse” advance, costs tend to be more expensive than traditional funding or lending facilities. However, expenses are all relative based on your individual needs. For the specific expenses in relation to your case, speak with us directly.

The minimum cash advance amount is $1,000. There is NO maximum amount, provided that a substantial “due diligence” review can be completed on each individual case. (usually above $100,000) DOES NOT and CANNOT offer any legal advice or any judgment on the management (or decision making process) involving your case. We (via our underwriter) are simply a passive partner in the financial settlement of your litigation. only utilizes your records in order to facilitate your advance. Your information is only shared with our underwriters and other funding companies to verify information that pertains to your case. All information other than that is kept strictly confidential and is NOT shared with any other parties.

The advance is given to you to use at your own discretion. There are NO restrictions on what it is spent for, however does NOT condone the use of such funds for any purposes deemed to be unlawful.

Yes, you can receive more money if you already received an advance. Much like a home re-finance, typically likes to “re-fi” your existing advance and consolidate it into one position with

Yes, your attorney DOES need to be involved in this process. It is imperative that you direct your attorney to provide us with the necessary paperwork outlining your complaint. Your attorney must also agree to forward funds to us upon settlement of the case, but only after he is paid first. These are services that your attorney SHOULD facilitate to you based on your attorney/client retainer letter. Remember he works for you.

No, you do NOT need approval from your attorney to take an advance. The case is proprietary to you and you have rights to your advance in which your attorney has no authority to dissuade you from taking. In fact, there are no risks associated to your attorney in conjunction with the “advance” since the attorney is ALWAYS paid prior to Your attorney is NOT affected in any way by your advance and therefore has no right to “disallow” you from obtaining the needed funding.

To begin the “funding process” simply complete the application form on the Apply Now page, and an experienced agent will call you shortly. Or feel free to contact us directly at one of our listed outlets.

Start your Free Case Evaluation Right now!

Our friendly sales agents are standing by right now to answer any of your funding questions.

Simply hit the application button to start the process on your own and a sales agent will contact you shortly.

Start your Free Case Evaluation Right now!

Our friendly sales agents are standing by right now to answer any of your funding questions.

Feel free to call our toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405

Or simply hit the application button to start the process on your own and a sales agent will contact you shortly.