BP Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit Settlement Reached For $7.8 Billion, Relief Could Come Immediately For Victims, Says Legal-Bay Funding

Tampa, FL – Mar. 20, 2012 – Legal-Bay LLC, the lawsuit settlement funding company, announced today that they are beginning to aggressively fund victims of the BP Gulf Oil Spill so that many individuals and business can get the needed cash flow to get their lives and business back on track immediately. In what was the largest oil spill since the famous Exxon/Valdez spill, BP has estimated that $7.8BIL will be sufficient to pay most of the lawsuits. In fact, a judge has ordered BP to pay a portion of those claims immediately, even if the claims have not been fully settled.

Legal-Bay is unsure the exact percentage amount that victims can expect or when their full amount of funds will come. However, to remove any uncertainty and so that victims can remain patient while their attorneys try to get them full value; Legal-Bay has begun taking applications on the BP Spill from many individuals and businesses in Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana.

Patty Kirby, Legal-Bay’s Director of Client Relations commented, “We are handling large funding requests for business owners who lost everything and our anxious to get their businesses back to the levels of 2010. Although some funds could come shortly, the majority of cases have not been settled for full value yet. Many of our clients are upset that BP is only offering to help at a small fraction of what their true loses are at this time. Our funding programs are designed to assist these individuals and businesses with getting ample funding now, so that they can fight for the true settlement value of their cases.”

One law firm in Florida, Morgan and Morgan, announced that many victims still have time to file a claim if they haven’t already. For plaintiffs that already have claims, Legal-Bay says their website: lawsuitssettlementfunding.com and their toll free hotline 877.571.0405 have been very busy assisting Gulf Oil Spill Victims with settlement funding requests also referred to as a lawsuit loan by plaintiffs.

Source: Legal-Bay LLC

Patty Kirby, Directory of Client Relations
Ph. 877.571.0405