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Wrongful Imprisonment, Police Brutality, And Prison Injury Cases

Legal-Bay, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, is a leader in Wrongful Imprisonment, Police Brutality, and Prison Injury Cases due to neglect. Legal-Bay has a passion for assisting victims in false imprisonment cases, and understands the serious societal effects when innocent people are subject to Wrongful Imprisonment, Police Brutality, or subject to horrific Prison Conditions. No other Funding Company will spend the time and resources to help victims of these cases like Legal-Bay. Legal-Bay will assist you or your loved ones with getting your lives back in order – even when it feels like the rest of society has turned their backs on you.

Legal-Bay has funded numerous victims of these types of wrongful imprisonment lawsuits and has the most experienced underwriting attorneys to evaluate the claims and the seriousness of them in a quick manner. Typically, Wrongful Imprisonment, Police Brutality, and Prison Injury Cases can fund in just 48 hours and at settlement funding values so that the victim has the needed cash to get on with their lives with dignity. 

Legal-Bay will work with you, your loved one, and your attorney to assist you regardless of the obstacles you are faced with.  Even if you have been denied by other companies – or already have an existing Funding with another Lawsuit Funding Company.

Here are just some of the false imprisonment lawsuit cases that Legal-Bay has funded recently:

Give us a call to talk about your funding needs. We can walk you through the process and get cash in your hands within 24 to 48 hours. 877-571-0405

  • Wrongfully Imprisoned for murder for 15 ears (2 co-defendants in New York who were sentenced to Attica Upstate New York Prison)
  • Police Brutality Case in Detroit, Michigan where family member suspect was shot and killed
  • Inmates subject to unsafe prison conditions and outside work crews who were seriously injured in Tennessee and Indiana
  • Women Prison Rape Cases and Sexual Misconduct by Correction Officers in Wisconsin
  • Police Brutality Case where a New York/New Jersey Port Authority police officer senselessly beat an innocent man in Manhattan
  • Bronx and Brooklyn, New York young men who were falsely arrested on gun, knife and weapon charges who were then detained for years on Rikers Island, New York’s City/County Jail

Other Similar Cases that Legal Bay’s underwriting DEPT. will consider for Lawsuit Settlement Funding

  • Violation of Civil Rights Claims,False Arrests and Illegal Search and Seizure Cases
  • Los Angeles, California, or other state Police Brutality Cases during routine arrests
  • Prosecutorial Misconduct involving long-term wrongful incarceration
  • Prison Medical Malpractice Cases involving serious neglect of injuries

If you or a loved one is in need of a wrongful imprisonment lawsuit settlement advance due to being a victim of “The System,” then contact Legal-Bay immediately where an experienced agent will assist you – with compassion – in this time of need.

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