Simple 3 Step Process

First fill out the application form above. Then someone will contact you and then your lawyer (at your approval) to get case documents and find out the details about your lawsuit settlement. We will then give you a free case evaluation of what we think your settlement is worth and how much we can loan to you in advance. Once you are approved, you will receive your cash advance loan immediately. ITS THAT SIMPLE!

No Risk or Upfront Fees, Pay Only if You Win Your Case!

The best part is there is zero risk to you, the plaintiff. There are no upfront fees for the free case evaluation – until we actually fund you. And even better, if you dont win your case you dont have to pay the money back at all. Thats right, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. takes 100% risk by investing in your case.

No Payments or Payback Until Your Case Settles!

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. does not require you to make any monthly payments whatsoever – until your case has been settled. Feel free to spend your cash advance as you see fit without the worry of having to make a payment on the loan until you have actually received your lawsuit settlement award.

All Lawsuit Cases

The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Co. provides creative funding solutions for all types of lawsuit cases. Feel free to fill out our quick application (on the top of this page) for a free case evaluation to your specific lawsuit settlement cash advance loan needs. It costs you nothing to inquire.