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BP Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Legal-Bay is one of the few Lawsuit Funding Companies who are fully committed to assisting individuals and business owners with getting their lives back in order due to the horrific BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill of 2010. Although over 2 years has past now, the entire Gulf Coast has been affected and continues to feel the devastating financial effects to their economy. Individuals and business owners from the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida who have incurred damages due to British Petroleum’s negligence may be immediately eligible to get the cash they need today instead of waiting for their lawsuit to settle.

Legal-Bay is a leading provider for commercial business litigation pre-settlement funding and disaster relief accidents for individuals as well.

If you have a valid claim and a lawyer; and have suffered any of the following, Legal-Bay can help you get the cash you need today:

  • Loss of business profits
  • Business or property damage
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Loss of ability to work or earn a living
  • Deprived of Natural Resources from the Gulf of Mexico

Legal-Bay, and its vast attorney networks, is fully aware of what is going on with the B.P. Litigation and B.P.’s efforts to force individuals to settle today for a small fraction of what their entire claim is really worth. Legal-Bay has been helping so many business owners and individuals to get the cash they need today and allowing them the ability to “Fight On” against BP.

Here are just some of the type of individuals and businesses that we have helped in their fight for their true losses against BP:

  • Commercial and individual Fisherman and Fishing Boat and Vessel Owners
  • Shrimp Industry
  • Oyster Industry
  • Chumming Industry
  • Seafood Packaging Industry
  • Commercial and Private Boat Owners
  • Waterfront Property Owners
  • Dock and Marina Owners, Operators, and Workers
  • Hotel Owners and Operators
  • Rental Property Owners
  • Tropical Fish Wholesalers
  • Travel and Tourism Vendors


B.P. had offered me only $50K for my claim that was worth closer to $500K. I was told I could get 60% or $30K from B.P. in a few weeks and the other $20K from B.P. in a few months if I signed. However, I would give up any other rights to sue BP for the rest of my losses. I really needed the $50K immediately to get my Fishing Business and Family life back in order. I was just about to sign the B.P. deal, when I found Legal-Bay – who was the only Legal Funding company that was fully committed to pre-settlement lawsuit funding for BP victims.

Legal-Bay gave me a Lawsuit Loan in the amount of $50K within 48 hours and now I can still go after BP for the other $450K – with absolutely nothing to lose. The lawsuit loans that Legal-Bay provides are non-recourse, meaning I only have to pay back if I win the case. The Legal-Bay/B.P. Funding Program was the perfect solution for me, my business and my family. They were able to evaluate my claim accurately and enable me not to settle for a “low ball” amount that B.P. was pressuring me to sign. Now my business and family life are back on track, and I have an opportunity to truly get everything I lost back – due to BP’s error not mine.

Thanks Legal-Bay for your courtesy and professionalism in assisting my shrimp fishing business and family in this time of need!

Lee G., Shrimp Fishing Boat Owner, New Orleans, Louisiana

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